Split 《分裂》(2019)

Collaboration with choreographer - Bobo Lai 黎家寶

in HK Contemporary Music Festival: HK Delights - CCDC & Mr. Quartet 香港當代音樂節:樂在香港- 城市當代舞蹈團及Mr. Quartet.

Composer: Luk Wai Chun

Choreographers & dancers: Bobo Lai

Performer: Mr. Quartet

Schizophrenic patients lives could be filled with hallucinations, auditory hallucinations and delusions. Some hallucinations may appear themselves in different nature; even their thoughts may feel being manipulated, so that they live between reality and fantasy. You may think you are the lucky one, but are you sure that your world is real? If they have a religious world, then what is the significance of religion? Composer would like to use music to portray the "real world" of the schizophrenic patient. This piece uses two tritones in different ways throughout the whole piece and uses of dialogue between instruments to create a compact effect extensively. Also, a famous hymn tune -TERRA BEATA(This is my Father's World) is used in this piece.

Short clips of the whole performance



Mong Kok's Corner 《旺角一隅》(2017)
Commissioned by Hong Kong Composer Guild for Hong Kong Motions - SOUND-IMAGination  2017

Composer & Soundscape: Luk Wai Chun

Film Director: Aska Yeung (Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association)

Performer: Mavis Lam, pipa Born Lau, viola and Tan Cong, cello


Nian 《念》 (2016) - Trumpet and MAX/MSP

Composer: Luk Wai Chun
Performer: Lam Hiu Ching, trumpet Luk Wai Chun, MAX/MSP  Chan Go On, Vicky Shin and Lee Yan, singing bowl

"Nian" - Mindfulness is a Buddhism's term, meaning "remember" and implying "dedicated", "awareness". It is one of the five spiritual faculties. The practice of mindfulness is a kind of contemplation under their own uncritical observation to achieve a truthful awareness of their own physical and mental condition. This approach can make someone let go and relieve stress and anxiety effectively. Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist music, the composer uses the electronic music and trumpet to experience the physical and mental awareness in the practice of mindfulness.

「念」,是一佛教術語,意指「記得」,並含「專注」、「覺知」的意思。它是五根之一,即是佛教修行中成善的精神力量之一。修「念」是一種對自己的身體、感受、心、法無批判的觀察,是一種身心如實的覺察。此方式令內心真正地放下執著 和 有效地解除苦惱和不安。 作曲家從藏傳佛教的音樂得到靈感,希望透過電子音樂和小號的配搭來感受在修「念」對身心的覺察。