Luk Wai Chun is currently a doctoral candidate in composition at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), focusing on the fusion of world music’s eclectic stylistic elements. He loves exploring different kinds of musical style. The recent works of Wai-Chun are influenced by Chinese regional folk music, Chinese traditional opera, ethnic music, Japanese Gagaku music, jazz music and Latin American music. Wai-Chun collaborated with different music groups, artists from Hong Kong, USA, Canada, France, Brazil and Thailand, for example, Hong Kong Chordophonia, Hong Kong Wind Karameta, Romer String Quartet, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, Zhang Ying, Raoul Lay (France), Catchfire Collective (USA), Ensemble Mise-en (USA), Red Chamber (Canada), Quarteto Larianna (Brazil) and Tacet(i) Ensemble (Thailand).

      During his doctoral study, Luk received various scholarships which are "Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarship”, “ICS Mok Hing Cheong Postgraduate Scholarship” and “Talented development scholarship" and the Music Scholarship (Local Studies) from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund. On the other hand, his compositions got different accolades in different competitions. In 2017, his composition "Jazz Pipa" earned the Silver Award for New Works for Pipa Solo of the ‘Sound of Dunhuang Awards’ which was organized by the Professional Pipa Committee in China Nationalities Orchestra Society (CNOS). "Dance of Yi in Honghe" which featured the musical element in Yunnan got the David Gwilt Composition Prize and Audience Prize in 2018. Lately, his piece "Bian Lian" for Pierrot ensemble and Chinese percussion was named an Honorable Mention in Left Coast Chamber Ensemble's 2019 Composition Contest (USA). Moreover, his string orchestral piece - Xi Shui Yuanyang inspired by Cantonese Opera received an Honorable

Mention in 2019 Spectri Sonori/NOCO Composition Competition (USA). Also, he is one of the winners of call for score of Musicus Society, Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, Catchfire Collective and Tacet(i) Ensemble. Other compositions of Wai-Chun were also featured at the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival, 2019 Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival, ISCM World New Music Days 2017 (Canada) and Intercultural Music Conference & Concert (USA) and will be featured in 67th International Rostrum of Composers.

        In 2019, he went to the University of South Florida (USF) as a visiting scholar to study jazz music and conduct research on Latin American Music. This visiting activity was funded by Reaching Out Award 2018/19 of Hong Kong HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund. During his visiting in USF, he studied arranging technique of Jazz Big Band with Mark A. Taylor and researched Latin American music with Prof. John O. Robison. Furthermore, he traveled to Bolivia, Cuba, Peru and Brazil for conducting music fieldwork on Latin American music.

        Luk is passionate about interdisciplinary arts collaboration, incorporating different art forms such as drama, dance, painting, literature, photo, and video in his compositions. In 2017, he was the composer and music director in a multimedia drama - "Faith" produced by Exploration Theatre Limited in "Art-chiving Kwun Tong: Community Art Project 2017". In 2019, he worked with a choreographer - Bobo Lai from City Contemporary Dance Company and Mr. Quartet for a collaborative project - "Reality - Schizophrenia".  Also, Wai-Chun was invited twice by the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to compose music for the exhibitions and have participated in the multi-media concert organized by Hong Kong Composer's Guild to compose for the photo and video of local photographers and videographers.

       陸尉俊現為香港中文大學音樂系作曲博士候選人,師隨李允琪教授,專注創作融合不同世界音樂風格的現代音樂。他喜歡探索不同類型的音樂風格。陸氏近來的音樂作品受中國地方音樂、戲曲、少數民族、日本雅樂、爵士音樂及拉美音樂影響。陸氏曾與香港,巴西、泰國、美國及加拿大的音樂家合作,如張瑩、Mr. Quartet、Contrast Trio,羅曼四重奏、管樂雅集、竹韻小集、香港弦人、Catchfire Collective(美國)、Ensemble Mise(美國)、 紅庭(加拿大)、Quarteto Larianna(巴西)及 Tacet(i) Ensemble(泰國)等。


        陸氏在學期間獲得「香港作曲家及作詞家協會獎學金」、「中國文化研究所莫慶鏘獎學金」及「香港特別行政區政府才藝發展獎學金」等,而他的博士學位是受「香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金」音樂獎學金資助。他的作品《爵士琵琶》在2017年獲中國民族管弦樂學會琵琶專業委員會所主辦的「敦煌獎」琵琶獨奏重奏新作品展評銀獎。而他受雲南民族音樂影響的鋼琴、小提琴和中音色士風三重奏作品《紅河彝舞》在2018年獲得紀大衛創作獎及觀眾投票獎。最近,他融合中西器樂的室樂作品《變臉》在2019 Left Coast Chamber Ensemble 作曲比賽(美國)及另一首靈感來自廣東音樂的弦樂團作品《戲水鴛鴦》在2019 Spectri Sonori/NOCO 作曲比賽(美國)均獲得Honorable Mention。另外,他亦是Delirium Musicum of 2nd annual Call for Scores的決賽入圍者。 他亦曾是垂誼樂社、Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra、Catchfire Collective 和 Tacet(i) Ensemble樂季徵譜比賽優勝者。 除此之外,他的作品亦在São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival、2019第一屆香港現代音樂節、2017國際現代音樂協會(ISCM)世界音樂日(加拿大)及Intercultural Music Conference and Concerts(美國)發表,亦將會有作品於第 67屆International Rostrum of Composers發表。


        在2019上半年,他以訪問學者的身份前往美國南佛羅里達州大學訪學,學習爵士音樂及研究拉丁美洲音樂,並獲得「香港特別行政區政府獎學基金的外展體驗獎」資助。在訪學期間,他跟隨Mark. A Taylor 學習爵士大樂隊編曲技巧,並在Prof. John. O. Robison的指導下研究拉美音樂。而在五月至八月,他前往中及南美洲作拉美音樂考察。


        陸氏熱衷於跨藝術介別的合作,他的音樂曾與戲劇、舞蹈、書畫,文學,相片和影片結合。在2017年下旬,他於「赫墾坊劇團」為《藝述觀塘一 社區藝術計劃》中多媒體戲劇《信途》作曲及擔任音樂指導。在2019年,他更與城市當代舞蹈團的編舞家黎家寶及Mr. Quartet跨界合作音樂舞蹈作品《現實.精神分裂》。另外,他曾兩度獲邀為中大文物館的展覽創作音樂與書畫結合的音樂及參與香港作曲家聯會所舉辦的聲影集,為本地攝影師的作品創作音樂。