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LIST OF WORKS - Original Composition

 [*] commission work

Chamber (Western) 西樂室內樂作品

Wu Chou《武丑》(2022) for bass clarinet and prepared marimba with a small hand gong [7’] *

Blue Pole《歸墟》(2018) for string quartet [6’30'']

Dance of Yi in Honghe《紅河彝舞》(2018) for violin, alto saxophone and piano [9’]

Love Will Never Let Me Go (2017)  for vln, cl, alto sax, tpt, tb, pf, electric bass/db & drumset [8']

Pure Land《淨土》(2017)  for woodwind quintet [10’]

Yangzhou Massacre《揚州十日》(2016) for piano quartet [7’]

Tribal dance (2015) for violin, alto saxophone and piano [5’]

Mask (2015)  for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and piano [6”]

Reality-Schizophrenia《現實・精神分裂》(2015)  for string quartet [6’30”]

Roaming in Painting—‘Splendid Images’ 《畫中遊­-萬象神采》(2014) for violin and piano duet [3’45”] *

Connection Dance《與靈共舞》(2014) for flute and piano duet [4’30”]

Pixies (2014) for flute, cello & piano  [5’30”]

Sunset. Sea《日薄・海》(2014)  for violin and piano duet [3’45”]

Dream of the Dragon《夢想・巨龍》(2012)  for piano trio [5’30”]


Chamber (Mixed) 中西混合室樂作品

Fantasia for Guzheng and Strings No.1: Fascinating 第一箏弦幻想曲 《神往》(2024) 

for guzheng and string quartet [8’30"]

Autumn Yearning on the Steppe草原秋思(2023)

for gaohu, erhu, pipa, zhongruan, guzheng and piano [7’]

for gaohu, erhu, xiaoruan, zhongruan, guzheng and piano [7’]

Moments Between Ledges and Frets《彈指品相間》(2023)  for pipa and piano [9"30’] 

Tomorrow《明天》(2022)  for violin, cello, dizi, pipa, piano and percussion [18’] 

                     第一樂章:洪流〉 | 1st mvt: Waves

                     第二樂章:逝去 | 2nd mvt: Nostalgia

                     第三樂章:前進 | 3rd mvt: Forward

Samba Miniature《森巴彈指》(2020)  for pipa, piano, double bass and drumset [1’30"] *

Bian Lian《變臉》(2018)  for pierrot ensemble and percussion [7’30"]

The Legend of Fairy Cave《仙洞傳說》 (2017) for keyboard, jazz organ, string ensemble, dizi, pipa, zhongruan, guzheng, electric guitar(Lead), bass guitar, drumset [4'30"]

Fire Dragon Dance《舞火龍》(2016) for violin, viola, cello, sheng, zhongruan, pipa [7’] 

                                                                (2022) for violin, cello, clarinet, sheng, guzheng, pipa [7’]

Chamber (Chinese) 中樂室內樂作品

Moments Between Ledges and Frets《彈指品相間》(2024)  for pipa solo and Chinese chamber ensemble [9"30’] 

Queen Wang Zhaojun《寧胡閼氏王昭君》(2023)  for gaohu, pipa, zhongruan. yangqin and guzheng [15’] 

                    第一樂章:昭君淒別 | 1st mvt: Tearful farewell of Zhaojun

                    第二樂章:草原秋思 2nd mvt: Autumn Yearning on the Steppe

Rhapsody of Salvador de Bahia《狂想巴西薩爾瓦多》(2023)  for two zhongruans and daruan [8’30"] 
Rock Pipa - FIGHT!《搖滾琵琶-FIGHT!》(2021)  for pipa quartet and drumset [5’] 

Tan Tiao Rock《彈撥搖滾》(2020) for pipa, zhongruan and daruan [4’30"]

                                                        (2022) for two pipas, zhongruan and guzheng [5’00"] 

                                                    (2023) for pipa, zhongruan, erhu, violin, piano, bass and drumset [5’30"] 

                                                    (2023) for pipa, zhongruan, daruan, sheng and 2 percussionists [5’30"] 
                                                    (2024) for pipa, zhongruan and piano [5’

Lan Kwai Tang Fong 《蘭桂騰芳》(2020) for Cantonese ensemble [4’30"] 

Window 《窗》(2016) for xiao, sheng & yangqin [2’30”]

Instrumental solo (Chinese) 中樂獨奏作品

Traveller《旅人》(2023)  for daruan [7’30"] 

Rock Pipa - FIGHT!《搖滾琵琶-FIGHT!》(2020)  for pipa [4’30"] 

                                                                                            (2022) with zhongruan and daruan accompaniment [4’30"] 

Still Ink《沉・墨》(2016)  for zhongruan [6’] 

Jazz Pipa《爵士琵琶》(2015)  for pipa [5'30"]

String Orchestra 弦樂團作品

"Canthoven" Rhapsody《「廣東芬」狂想曲》 (2020) for string orchestra [7’30”] 
Xi Shui Yuan Yang《戲水鴛鴦》 (2017) for string orchestra [8’30”] 

Western Orchestra 管弦樂團作品

Bonding《天地人》(2021) for 3fl(1picc), 2ob(1ca), 4cl(1bcl), 3bsn(1cbsn), 3hn, 3tpt, 3tbn, 1tuba, timp, 3perc, hp, pno, strings [~9']

Chinese Orchestra 中樂團作品

Eager to Fly《望飛翔》(2023) for Chinese Orchestra [~17'] 

                  第一樂章:〈仰望〉         | 1st mvt:   Looking Up

                  第二樂章:雨嘆〉         2nd mvt: Sighing in the Rain

                  第三樂章:逆風飛翔 | 3rd mvt:  Flying Against the Wind

Lan Kwai Rhapsody《蘭桂狂想》(2023) for Yangqin and Chinese chamber orchestra [~10'] 

Twelve Chinese Zodiac Duk-duk-chang《十二生肖篤篤撐》(2022) for Chinese Orchestra [~20'] 

                  第一樂章:〈天宮〉                     | 1st mvt:   Heavenly Kingdom

                  第二樂章:鼠牛虎〉                 | 2nd mvt: Rat, Ox and Tiger

                  第三樂章:天宮                     | 3rd mvt:  Heavenly Kingdom

                  第四樂章:〈兔龍蛇〉                 | 4th mvt:  Rabbit, Dragon and Snake

                  第五樂章:天宮〉                     | 5th mvt:  Heavenly Kingdom

                  第六樂章:馬羊猴                 | 6th mvt:  Horse, Goat and Monkey

                  第七樂章:〈趕去天宮〉             | 7th mvt:  Rushing to Heavenly Kingdom

                  第八樂章:雞狗豬〉                 | 8th mvt:  Rooster, Dog & Pig

                  第九樂章:十二生肖篤篤撐 | 9th mvt:  Twelve Chinese Zodiac Duk-duk-chang

Rhapsodies of Latin America - Pipa Concerto for Chinese Orchestra《拉丁美洲狂想琵琶協奏曲》(2019-2020) for pipa and Chinese Orchestra [~33']

Electro-Acoustic Music/ live electronic Music/ Electronic Music/ Acoustic instrument(s) with fixed media


That same river (2019) -collaboration  for countertenor, 2 speakers, 2 violins, 1 viola, 2 percussionist, choir, live electronics(MAXMSP) and electronic music [30’]

Nian《念》(2016)  for trumpet, singing bowl and live electronics(MAXMSP) [9’]

Dream. Awakening《夢・醒》(2015) electronic music [4’30”]


Multimedia 混合媒體作品

Longing for《仰望》 (2022) for 2 violins, cello, trumpet, yangqing, piano, Chinese percussion, drumset, electric bass, shofar and electronic music [~8']

Over Time《四時》 (2021)  for violin, viola, cello, dizi, pipa and percussion with fixed media (electronic music and video) and livestreaming [~17']

                     第一樂章:〈光・蔭〉 | 1st mvt: Under Dappled Light

                     第二樂章:岩聲 | 2nd mvt: The Voice of Granite

                     第三樂章:拼貼 | 3rd mvt: Collage

                     第四樂章:脈動 | 4th mvt: Pulsation

String-tronic Groove《弦電律動》 (2021)   for violin, cello and fixed media (electronic music and video) [4'30'']

Mong Kok’s Corner《旺角一隅》 (2017) for pipa, viola & cello and fixed media (field recording and video) [ [2’30”]

War Ferocity《戰・猙》 (2011) for violin, percussion, piano, SA choir, dance(collaborate with other composers)

Theatre (Drama/Music Drama) 劇場音樂作品

Seven Almost Deadly Solo《7種「罪」與獨舞的可能 》 (2024) (scoring for video/music for choreography) -  KIWI & ZENZERO STUDIO

Our Mountains & Seas 2049《山海二零四玖》 (2023) (scoring for video/theatre scoring/song writing) -  Star & Dust Collective

Faith《信途》 (2017) (theatre scoring/song writing) - Exploration theatre

My City《我城》(2013) (theatre scoring/song writing/arranging)(collaborate with other composers) - Serious Play

Pop Music / Hymn / Jazz 


Jazz 爵士音樂
Hope for the Future《未來的希望》(2024[5'] composer & arranger 

Goodbye to the Old Days《告別舊時光》(2024[6'] composer & arranger 

Bou Bou Samba《步步森巴》(2023[5'] composer & arranger 

Jasmine Scent《茉莉香》(2022[5'] composer & arranger

Twinkle Twinkle Latin Star (2022) [4'30"] composer & arranger

Pop Song 流行音樂

May the song that we sing lead us home (2015) [3'30"] composer & arranger

《我歌故我在》(2015) for HKBU Film project - 我要記得那一天 [3'30"] composer & arranger

《已唱的歌曲》 (2014) for YMCA拉闊青年夢音樂創作計劃 [4'30"] composer & arranger

Hymn 聖詩

《是祢是祢》 (2018) for HKACM’s CD Project - 齊唱兒歌5 我是主的小門徒 [3'30"] composer & arranger

《是你將我倆結連一起》God help us tie the knot (2017) written for the wedding of my friend[5’] composer & arranger
《十載的暖 》(2014) for ST mixed choir (大平十週年堂慶) [3']

School Project  學校委托創作

《唐學元希望小學校歌》 (2023) for 「譜鄉曲,歌校風」 Project - [2'47"] composer and arranger (lyrics - school)

《感恩之歌》 (2023) for 保良局田家炳千禧小學年度之歌 Project - [1'30"] composer and arranger (lyrics - student)

《After Rain》 (2023) for 福建中學70週年英語畫劇主題曲 Project - [4'00"] composer and arranger (lyrics - Tang Ho Fung)

堅毅之歌》 (2023) for 保良局田家炳千禧小學年度之歌 Project - [1'30"] composer and arranger (lyrics - student)


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