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 [*] commission work

Chamber (Western)

Wu Chou《武丑》(2022) for bass clarinet and prepared marimba with a small hand gong [7’] *

Blue Pole《歸墟》(2018) for string quartet [6’30'']

Dance of Yi in Honghe《紅河彝舞》(2018) for violin, alto saxophone and piano [9’]

Love Will Never Let Me Go (2017)  for vln, cl, alto sax, tpt, tb, pf, electric bass/db & drumset [8']

Pure Land《淨土》(2017)  for woodwind quintet [10’]

Yangzhou Massacre《揚州十日》(2016) for piano quartet [7’]

Tribal dance (2015) for violin, alto saxophone and piano [5’]

Mask (2015)  for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and piano [6”]

Reality-Schizophrenia《現實・精神分裂》(2015)  for string quartet [6’30”]

Roaming in Painting—‘Splendid Images’ 《畫中遊­-萬象神采》(2014) for violin and piano duet [3’45”] *

Connection Dance《與靈共舞》(2014) for flute and piano duet [4’30”]

Pixies (2014) for flute, cello & piano  [5’30”]

Sunset. Sea《日薄・海》(2014)  for violin and piano duet [3’45”]

Dream of the Dragon《夢想・巨龍》(2012)  for piano trio [5’30”]


Chamber (Mixed)

Tomorrow《明天》(2022)  for violin, cello, dizi, pipa, piano and percussion [18’] 

Samba Miniature《森巴彈指》(2020)  for pipa, piano, double bass and drumset [1’30"] *

Bian Lian《變臉》(2018)  for pierrot ensemble and percussion [7’30"]

The Legend of Fairy Cave《仙洞傳說》 (2017) for keyboard, jazz organ, string ensemble, dizi, pipa, zhongruan, guzheng, electric guitar(Lead), bass guitar, drumset [4'30"]

Fire Dragon Dance《舞火龍》(2016) for violin, viola, cello, sheng, zhongruan, pipa [7’] 

                                                                (2022) for violin, cello, clarinet, sheng, guzheng, pipa [7’]


Chamber (Chinese)

Rhapsody of Salvador de Bahia《狂想巴西薩爾瓦多》(2023)  for two zhongruans and daruan [8’30"] 
Rock Pipa - FIGHT!《搖滾琵琶-FIGHT!》(2021)  for pipa quartet and drumset [5’] 

Tan Tiao Rock《彈撥搖滾》(2020) for pipa, zhongruan and daruan [4’30"]

                                                        (2022) for two pipas, zhongruan and guzheng [5’00"] 

                                                    (2023) for pipa, zhongruan, erhu, violin, piano, bass and drumset [5’00"] 

Lan Kwai Tang Fong 《蘭桂騰芳》(2020) for Cantonese ensemble [4’30"] 

Window 《窗》(2016) for xiao, sheng & yangqin [2’30”]

Instrumental solo (Chinese)

Traveller《旅人》(2022)  for daruan [7’30"] 

Rock Pipa - FIGHT!《搖滾琵琶-FIGHT!》(2020)  for pipa [4’30"] 

                                                                                            (2022) with zhongruan and daruan accompaniment [4’30"] 

Still Ink《沉・墨》(2016)  for zhongruan [6’] 

Jazz Pipa《爵士琵琶》(2015)  for pipa [5'30"]

String Orchestra

"Canthoven" Rhapsody《「廣東芬」狂想曲》 (2020) for string orchestra [7’30”] 
Xi Shui Yuan Yang《戲水鴛鴦》 (2017) for string orchestra [8’30”] 

Western Orchestra

Bonding《天地人》(2021) for 3fl(1picc), 2ob(1ca), 4cl(1bcl), 3bsn(1cbsn), 3hn, 3tpt, 3tbn, 1tuba, timp, 3perc, hp, pno, strings [~9']

Chinese Orchestra

Twelve Chinese Zodiac Duk-duk-chang《十二生肖篤篤撐》(2022) for Chinese Orchestra [~20'] 

Rhapsodies of Latin America - Pipa Concerto for Chinese Orchestra《拉丁美洲狂想琵琶協奏曲》(2019-2020) for pipa and Chinese Orchestra [~33']

Electro-Acoustic Music/ live electronic Music/ Electronic Music/ Acoustic instrument(s) with fixed medi

That same river (2019) -collaboration  for countertenor, 2 speakers, 2 violins, 1 viola, 2 percussionist, choir, live electronics(MAXMSP) and electronic music [30’]

Nian《念》(2016)  for trumpet, singing bowl and live electronics(MAXMSP) [9’]

Dream. Awakening《夢・醒》(2015) electronic music [4’30”]



Longing for《仰望》 (2022) for 2 violins, cello, trumpet, yangqing, piano, Chinese percussion, drumset, electric bass, shofar and electronic music [~8']

Over Time《四時》 (2021)  for violin, viola, cello, dizi, pipa and percussion with fixed media (electronic music and video) and livestreaming [~17']

String-tronic Groove《弦電律動》 (2021)   for violin, cello and fixed media (electronic music and video) [4'30'']

Mong Kok’s Corner《旺角一隅》 (2017) for pipa, viola & cello and fixed media (field recording and video) [ [2’30”]

War Ferocity《戰・猙》 (2011) for violin, percussion, piano, SA choir, dance(collaborate with other composers)

Theatre (Drama/Music Drama)

Our Mountains & Seas 2049《山海二零四玖》 (2023) (theatre scoring/song writing) -  Star & Dust Collective

Faith《信途》 (2017) (theatre scoring/song writing) - Exploration theatre

My City《我城》(2013) (theatre scoring/song writing/arranger)(collaborate with other composers) - Serious Play

Pop Music / Hymn / Jazz


Bou Bou Samba《步步森巴》(2023[5'] composer & arranger

Jasmine Scent《茉莉香》(2022[5'] composer & arranger

Twinkle Twinkle Latin Star (2022) [4'30"] composer & arranger

Pop Song

May the song that we sing lead us home (2015) [3'30"] composer & arranger

《我歌故我在》(2015) for HKBU Film project - 我要記得那一天 [3'30"] composer & arranger

《已唱的歌曲》 (2014) for YMCA拉闊青年夢音樂創作計劃 [4'30"] composer & arranger


《是祢是祢》 (2018) for HKACM’s CD Project - 齊唱兒歌5 我是主的小門徒 [3'30"] composer & arranger

《是你將我倆結連一起》God help us tie the knot (2017) written for the wedding of my friend[5’] composer & arranger
《十載的暖 》(2014) for ST mixed choir (大平十週年堂慶) [3']



Selected Instrumental Arrangement

That’s All & Quando Quando Quando Medley (2022)for Chinese chamber Ensemble with vocal [6’]  

Commissioned by Ding Yi Music Company to arrange for the concert “Evergreen Classics” presented Lions Community Service Foundation (Singapore) and Ding Yi Music Company

Fire Dragon Dance《舞火龍》(2022)for Bb clarinet, violin, cello, sheng, pipa and guzheng [7’]  

Commissioned by Yao Yueh Chinese music association to arrange for the concert 香港傳奇《花影長歌 • 城鄉風情》

Songs for Martial Heroes: The Demi-gods and Semi-devils 俠行天下——天龍八部》(2022)for xiao with Chinese ensemble (erhu, zhonghu, pipa, yangqin and Daruan [6’]  

Commissioned by Hong Kong Windpipe Ensemble to arrange for the concert《粵言.爵語》音樂會 

Jasmine Flower 《茉莉花》 (2022) for Chinese Orchestra  

commissioned by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra for Jockey Club Chinese Music Education and Outreach Programme to arrange Jasmine Flower composer by 劉文金 to beginner and intermediate versions for Chinese orchestra 

Rock Pipa - FIGHT!《搖滾琵琶-FIGHT!》(2021)for pipa quartet and drumset [5’]  

Commissioned by Yue Pipa Ensemble to arrange for the concert in the 50th Hong Kong Arts Festival 

God's Love in Chung Chi《主愛在崇基》 (2021) for Western Orchestra [4'30"] 

Theme song of the 70th Anniversary of Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong  香港中文大學崇基學院70週年院慶主題曲

《主愛在我心》 (2020) for String Quartet and Pop Band setting [4'00"]

Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry Ltd.’s 香港基督徒音樂事工協會 《齊唱兒歌USB》 Project


It Don't Mean A Thing (2019) for Jazz Big Band in Salsa Style [5’]

Reading Session of Jazz Ensemble 1 @ University of South Florida

《是祢是祢》 (2018) for Jazz Big Band [3'30"]

Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry Ltd.’s 香港基督徒音樂事工協會 CD Project 齊唱兒歌5 我是主的小門徒 

Chrysanthemum Terrace《菊花台》(2015) for violin, 2 flutes, double bass, erhu, zhongruan, piano, percussion [5’]

Music arrangement of Taiwan pop song for social service of ELCSS-HK

基督教香港信義會社會服務部 Music Fiesta 2015


An afternoon of music together《下晝一齊聽音樂》 (2014) for 2 violins, 2 flutes, clarinet, cello, guitar, pf & percussion [8’]

Medley of Cantonese pop songs for social service of ELCSS-HK

基督教香港信義會社會服務部 Music Fiesta 2014


Torromow Wings《明天的翅膀》(2014) for flute, violin, cello & piano [8’]

Medley of film music


Zoobi Doobi (2013) [3’]

Film Song Recording Project for the Archive of Contemporary Music "India Music Week”


Joyful Music for the elderly《開心音樂送長者》(2013) for clarinet, 3 violins, cello, piano & percussion [8’]

Medley of Cantonese pop songs for social service of ELCSS-HK

基督教香港信義會社會服務部Music Fiesta 2013


The moment we all are here (2013) for 2 violins, cello, clarinet & piano [4’]
an arrangement of the folk song – Today

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