Chamber (Western)

Blue Pole《歸墟》(2018) for string quartet [6’30'']

Dance of Yi in Honghe《紅河彝舞》(2018) for violin, alto saxophone and piano [9’]

Love Will Never Let Me Go (2017)  for vln, cl, alto sax, tpt, tb, pf, electric bass/db & drumset [8”]

Pure Land《淨土》(2017)  for woodwind quintet [10’]

Yangzhou Massacre《揚州十日》(2016) for piano quartet [7’]

Tribal dance (2015) for violin, alto saxophone and piano [5’]

Mask (2015)  for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and piano [6”]

Reality-Schizophrenia《現實・精神分裂》(2015)  for string quartet [6’30”]

Roaming in Painting—‘Splendid Images’ 《畫中遊­-萬象神采》(2014) for violin and piano duet [3’45”]

Connection Dance《與靈共舞》(2014) for flute and piano duet [4’30”]

Pixies (2014) for flute, cello & piano  [5’30”]

Sunset. Sea《日薄・海》(2014)  for violin and piano duet [3’45”]

Dream of the Dragon《夢想・巨龍》(2012)  for piano trio [5’30”]


Chamber (Mixed)

Samba Miniature《森巴彈指》(2020)  for pipa, piano, double bass and drumset [1’30]

Bian Lian《變臉》(2018)  for pierrot ensemble and Percussion [7’30]

The Legend of Fairy Cave《仙洞傳說》 (2017) for keyboard, jazz organ, string ensemble, dizi, pipa, zhongruan, guzheng, electric guitar(Lead), bass guitar, drumset [4'30"]

Fire Dragon Dance《舞火龍》(2016) for violin, viola, cello, sheng, zhongruan, pipa [7’]


Chamber (Chinese)

Tan Tiao Rock《彈撥搖滾》(2020) for pipa, Zhongruan and Daruan [4’30]

Lan Kwai Tang Fong 《蘭桂騰芳》(2020) for Cantonese ensemble [4’30]

Window 《窗》(2016) for xiao, sheng & yangqin [2’30”]

Instrumental solo (Chinese)

Rock Pipa - Fight《搖滾琵琶 - FIGHT》(2020)  for pipa [4’30]

Still Ink《沉・墨》(2016)  for zhongruan [6’]

Jazz Pipa《爵士琵琶》(2015)  for pipa [5'30’]


String Orchestra

"Canthoven" Rhapsody《「廣東芬」狂想曲》 (2020) for string orchestra [7’30”]
Xi Shui Yuan Yang《戲水鴛鴦》 (2017) for string orchestra [8’30”]


Electro-Acoustic Music/ live electronic Music/ Electronic Music/ Acoustic instrument(s) with fixed media
String-tronic Groove《弦電律動》 (2021)   for violin, cello and fixed media [4'30'']

That same river (2019) -collaboration  for countertenor, 2 speakers, 2 violins, 1 viola, 2 percussionist, choir, live electronics(MAXMSP) and electronic music [30’]

Nian《念》(2016)  for trumpet, singing bowl and live electronics(MAXMSP) [9’]

Dream. Awakening《夢・醒》(2015) electronic music [4’30”]



Mong Kok’s Corner《旺角一隅》 (2017) for pipa, viola & cello [2’30”]

War Ferocity《戰・猙》 (2011) for violin, percussion, piano, SA choir, dance(collaborate with other composers)

Theatre (Drama/Music Drama)

Faith《信途》 (2017) (theatre scoring/song writing) - Exploration theatre

My City《我城》(2013) (theatre scoring/song writing/arranger)(collaborate with other composers) - Serious Play


Pop Music/ Hymn

Pop Song

May the song that we sing lead us home (2015) [3'30"] composer & arranger

《我歌故我在》(2015) for HKBU Film project - 我要記得那一天 [3'30"] composer & arranger

《已唱的歌曲》 (2014) for YMCA拉闊青年夢音樂創作計劃 [4'30"] composer & arranger



《是祢是祢》 (2018) for HKACM’s CD Project - 齊唱兒歌5 我是主的小門徒 [3'30"] composer & arranger

《是你將我倆結連一起》God help us tie the knot (2017) written for the wedding of my friend[5’] composer & arranger
《十載的暖 》(2014) for ST mixed choir (大平十週年堂慶) [3']



Instrumental arrangement
《主愛在我心》 (2020) for String Quartet and Pop Band setting [4'00"]

Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry Ltd.’s 香港基督徒音樂事工協會 《齊唱兒歌USB》 Project


It Don't Mean A Thing (2019) for Jazz Big Band in Salsa Style [5’]

Reading Session of Jazz Ensemble 1 @ University of South Florida

《是祢是祢》 (2018) for Jazz Big Band [3'30"]

Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry Ltd.’s 香港基督徒音樂事工協會 CD Project 齊唱兒歌5 我是主的小門徒 

Chrysanthemum Terrace《菊花台》(2015) for violin, 2 flutes, double bass, erhu, zhongruan, piano, percussion [5’]

Music arrangement of Taiwan pop song for social service of ELCSS-HK

基督教香港信義會社會服務部 Music Fiesta 2015


An afternoon of music together《下晝一齊聽音樂》 (2014) for 2 violins, 2 flutes, clarinet, cello, guitar, pf & percussion [8’]

Medley of Cantonese pop songs for social service of ELCSS-HK

基督教香港信義會社會服務部 Music Fiesta 2014


Torromow Wings《明天的翅膀》(2014) for flute, violin, cello & piano [8’]

Medley of film music


Zoobi Doobi (2013) [3’]

Film Song Recording Project for the Archive of Contemporary Music "India Music Week”


Joyful Music for the elderly《開心音樂送長者》(2013) for clarinet, 3 violins, cello, piano & percussion [8’]

Medley of Cantonese pop songs for social service of ELCSS-HK

基督教香港信義會社會服務部Music Fiesta 2013


The moment we all are here (2013) for 2 violins, cello, clarinet & piano [4’]
an arrangement of the folk song – Today